For Our Future


Alleghany High School

Tonight 5:00 PM
Channel 10 & Channel 7 News will be there!
Come Show Your Support!
Please return by 2/25/13 by 10:00 PM e-mail for pick up arrangements
Family of 4 eats at home 3 nights a year and saves Schools!

That is how simple it can be.  If we paid Alleghany county $10/month or $120/year to collect our trash.  According to the US CENSUS REPORT there are 5,812 Housing Units in the County.  This $120 tax would generate about $697,440 /Year in a special tax for the Schools.  Without re-districting the County Estimates it still has about a $680,000 deficit to fill.  Can't we all afford to eat at home 3 nights a year and spend the $120 dollars on our Schools!


Please download and read the letters that were sent to the Boards today!

  Successfully added Street address block to the E-Petition!

Check out the calendar for upcoming events.

School Board Meeting to Vote Closing Schools on 2/26/13 @ 6:00 PM!
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